Walk 1: Waterloo Bridge to Vauxhall Bridge


We actually started! We had an idea and actually did it! (Well, about 2% of it, but still.)

Well fuelled we made priorities for the day. Browsing around Stanfords bookshop for 2 hours and sending some weird postcards. It did however also give us a companion for our trip! A laminated companion. With fold-out map. And a pocket to hold your post it notes. The urge to let out a passionate groan (the type only stationary can evoke) was suppresed and we went on our way.

Having picked up the guide, we promptly ignored it, kicking off our project with a leisurely hour and a half wander rather than tackling an official segment of the trail. However, we made it more challenging by crossing every bridge along the way, and getting a bit lost around the houses of parliament. Navigating tourist crowds also made for slow going, but technically we are sightseers too. Just seemingly bridge-obsessed ones: we claimed the Hungerford / Golden Jubilee, Westminster, and Lambeth bridges in addition to our start / end points, covering almost 5k mostly near the river (plus an extra, foolishly unlogged slog to Victoria).

Bridge Selfies!
Assorted sightseeing

Total km walked: 4.65 // Official km walked: 3 // Thames path km left: 285

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