Walk 2: Maidenhead to Marlow


Stage 8 of the guide book — official distance 11.2km; including stations and scenic detours 18.23km.

We did our first *official* Thames Path walk. One that was more than a meandering snake across the tourist hub of central London. We sweated our way from Maidenhead to Marlow. Foolishly bringing very little water and wearing dark trousers. We were rewarded with some beautiful scenery, which we only photographed with phones because we are geniuses who forgot our big expensive camera. However, our progress map now looks good enough to share:

The Thames path (blue) and our progress (red highlight)
Today’s section
Maidenhead to Cookham

We only got slightly lost at Cookham, but fortunately we had brought our guidebook, detailed map, and two phones with mobile data and GPS who came to the rescue. No badges awarded for our navigation skills, but we got there in the end. We also learnt not to trust the guide book distances- we couldn’t resist various side-trips, plus we had to slog several less attractive km from Maidenhead station before we could officially start. Fortunately we were fuelled by stroopwafels, and considered one per bridge a fair rate. It is possible we detoured over extra bridges as a result.

Cookham to Marlow

Highlights: an ancient phonebox, in green; a double-decker dragonfly, also in green; a dog failing to get through a gate due to an over-wide stick it was carrying (not green); endless attractive riverside properties we can only dream of owning; stroopwafels; a sign honouring the winner of the 2013 rivet challenge; the weir complex at Marlow; celebratory pub dinner.

Bridge selfies!

Total km walked: 22.88
Official km walked: 14.2 
Thames path km left: 274

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