The Road

I see the long and winding road. It’s dark, dank and lonely. The trees are bare, still caught in winters snare. But there at the end of the road — a small, shining light.

He stands. As tall as an oak, mighty as a bear and brave as a warrior. He stands waiting. Waiting to see if I will come to him. He is patient, but he is also sad; longing for the girl he once had.

I look at the forest and think of all the dangers that hide there. Is it worth it? I’d have to walk the road alone, always wary of what could come from the woods.

I run. I run as fast as my body will let me. He smiles and puts his arms out to catch me. But that’s when I see it — the white wolf. He comes — but not after me — but for him. His expression changes, his arms fall and his head bows. Then he is gone.

The white wolf stops just as I do, only feet from where he once stood. The wolf seems to smile and stalks back to the forest.

I crumble to the ground, sobbing. I traveled the long, dark road to him — and in the end — he left me. I left everything behind for him and now, I have absolutely nothing.

How could he do this to me? I thought he loved me? I thought he wanted me? At the first sign of trouble he was gone. These woods shall surely consume me because without him — I am nothing. No one will come looking for me.

Accepting my fate, I look to the forest. That’s when the fox appears, black as night. He comes to me and I am not afraid. He pulls at my dress, beckoning me to rise. He turns and trots towards the woods — the trees seem to bend as he walks by. He looks at me — eyes as clear as diamonds, asking me to follow.

“Yes little fox, I am coming.”