UX Design — A different perspective

I don’t know that much about UX Design, but I do know a little something about user experience. As a writer it is of the utmost importance that I think about users, or readers in my instance. Readers must always be considered when I write a story. I have to make sure characters are crafted so the audience has a vested interest in their well being, or that justice is brought upon them if they are a more unsavory character. Obviously syntax, plot structure, continuity, and tense are other things, though often overlooked, that must be considered when crafting a story.

This is, at least I think, a lot like user experience for design. When a user comes into contact with, say a website, it’s important that the user’s attention is grabbed as soon as possible, much like the opening of a story. If the user’s attention isn’t grabbed and held captive, then they are more likely to leave or at least have a bad experience.

I don’t know if this is a website or if my computer has been overrun by viruses and adware

These days people aren’t trying to spend an hour looking through a website for what they want, especially since there are likely hundreds of other sites that offer the same thing with much better layouts. It’s not even about being original or ground breaking (though that’s rarely a bad thing). It’s about being simple and making sure users feel like they aren’t doing any work at all, like a full service spa that helps you chew your food by moving your jaw up and down for you. That’s what I do with my writing, or try to do, I try to make it like the audience isn’t even reading the book, more like the book is jumping off the page and directly into their imaginations.

This is a similar approach I hope to bring to my UX adventure. I want intuitive, natural feeling designs that people can just jump right into and start using. Since I know next to nothing about the design process, I know it is going to take a lot of work on my end. But I’m ready.

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