I’m learning

Oh, wow ok. Apparently two years ago I’d already attempted to start blogging. This is a draft that I found from the summer after 12th grade:


I applied to engineering schools and naturally ended up an art student. How that happened is a long and boring story that can be summed up: I want to become an engineer, I am an artist.

Freshman year starts in a few weeks, and it’s terrifying. Art school, structured creativity, quite the oxymoron. My creative outlet is about to become my life, so now I need a new one.

Don’t want to lose independent exploration of creativity. of creation? I’m not sure, to be honest. Hopefully these words are my new outlet.

I want to learn how to explain myself concisely. Naturally. I want to learn how to write from point A to point B — right now I think I’m stuck at point A. I want to be read as a real person, a relatable one. Show not tell. I currently write too melodramatically. Maybe that’s just my teen angst coming out in black and white.

I am learning.


It’s bizarre that I can completely forget about creating something like this draft. It’s comforting to know that even a couple of years ago, I aimed to be more authentic, to be a better communicator, and to create always.

I was learning then and I am still learning now.