Review: “To Each One, Teach One”

by Greg Camp and Ranjit Singh

I was offered a free copy of this book for review, I sense the in authors the that we ideologically match and many ways we do. I accepted. I do want to stress my disclosure that I accepted a unsolicited review copy. I am not being paid however.

With that out of the way let’s run down the basics of the book before I expound on the meat of it. Each One, Teach One is a dual compilation of essays from the authors laid out like a roadmap conveying the basics of RKBA thought. At the end of this road you should have a cache of ideological ammunition to use on friends and family to bring them into our side.

I would have turned this offer down had I seen MAGA/Trump things on Camp or Singhs Twitter profiles. Boring conservatism echo chambers is the last thing I need. I know those tired arguments because I came from that world — and left it.

I sense Camp and Singh feel the Liberalism is something worth saving with regard to guns. I agree with them. One only needs look at the Reagan (who banned machine guns knowingly), Bush 1 (imports on FAL rifles), Bush 2 (imports on “dual use” parts kits) gun control measures to see the gun owner has no respite from their enemies and always needs to be on guard.

One must have a critical view of their own side, as well as a sober critique of the other, to defeat gun control. Orwell, Marx and others had pro-gun stances, despite the former being shot in the neck in the Spanish Civil War.

Singh in one his essays, Propaganda is Mightier Than The AR-15, describes a media seemingly pathologically aligned against the gun owner, I say seemingly because I’m paraphrasing the notion of his essay, I think the media is pathologically aligned against us I just don’t want to lump the author in with my opinion. But the media he talks of is dying. The very Times he (and I agree) says abuses their position as the cornerstone of journalism is hemorrhaging subscribers and relevance. They embarrassingly had to ‘rededicate’ themselves to objectivity after the surprise victory of Donald Trump in the 2016 elections.

Even new-media outlets like the Huffington Post only reach people in their ideological creed and due to the targeted nature of social media have cemented themselves into , and were in fact forced to retract and remove a screed from the vandalism movement Betsy Riot (who’s members I’ve repeatedly outed) because it advocated the commission of felony grand theft of a firearm.

Another Singh essay describes the abuses of the intelligence industrial complex. I would have used the example of ‘LOVEINT’ as an example although he used many good ones (although cursory searching leaves me unsure if the author would have been aware of this practice). But this was a good essay don’t take my points as criticism

It’s my opinion the future of the gun issue is the internet and behind the scenes. Casual friends teaching each other to shoot, or co-workers, breaks down these barriers imposed (I believe intentionally) by mass and social media. Having people step outside their comfort zone and dispelling myths propagated in part by grandstanding politicians. This book provides good talking points and rabbit holes to go down in terms of research.

On the whole I find the text worth my (limited) time. It would help many readers I feel go through a ideological boot camp, a regimen I’ve been through already with the John Ross novel Unintended Consequences.

To me at least the ideas in the book aren’t new, but I would still recommend any of my followers read this book because it’s an ideological scratching post to defeat our foe in arguments. You wouldn’t walk around with a half or quarter full magazine in your pistol. Why have no intellectual ammunition? This book is a ideological trip to Bass Pro Shops or the gym, but for those unaccustomed to parrying with the other side or whoi may need a brush-up.

I also find it a good window into the minds of non-traditional gun owners.

Me? I can do that brinksmanship, have too. But it’s not doing anything meaningful. More direct action, non-violent of course — is required. I mean direct action like Cody Wilsons Liberator or Ghost Gunner machine. Suing states like California. My leaks.

I give this e-book 4/5 stars.

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