Perpetual motion

I’ve been made aware of a chapter of Moms Demand Action that I suspect — and I have no evidence for this yet — is doxing gun owners on Facebook, is going after their jobs or making noises to do such at the very least.

Before I declare a fatwa on that entire organization, my message to Mom’s Demand Action is: Stop. Get control over your chapters and ensure they act ethically or I’ll police them as I see fit.

I warned #disarmfacebook / Mike Montiero and crew and they mocked me on Twitter when I gave them a chance to talk over what they were doing, so I dumped out their private groups near complete conversations and methods they were using to exploit Facebooks reporting system.

I warned Betsy Riot to stop the vandalism of property and vehicles, they mocked me as well. Now much of their members names are known to the public.

This is the third time I’m doing this. Action. Reaction.

It stops now or I get to police it on my terms, and that’s both similar terms as before and proportional to your actions. If you dox gun owners or attack their employment, that opens the same for you.