In 2017, UK water companies still rely on “magic”
Sally Le Page

Goodness me, Sally. Well, aren’t you an evolved being! Or perhaps not. You act as if we human beings have discovered everything there is to discover, and that our understanding of life is comprehensive and correct. Neither statement is true.

I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but there’s a lot we don’t understand about life on planet earth. Let’s take electricity for example. Does anyone really understand it? We know how to harness it, and how not to be killed by it, and how to use it to make toast and boil water, but nobody really understands what it is. Nobody. Likewise, our planet spins with clockwork precision year after year, century after century with no input whatsoever from human beings. Have you ever wondered how this happens? Have you ever thought that here may be more going on here than your (clearly very basic) viewpoint? Open your mind! Stop thinking that you’ve mastered your comprehension of the world and accept that you have theories about why things happen the way they do, but that most of them are based on false premises. Take this stance and your understanding of the word magic makes a lot more sense. Definition: Magic – things I don’t yet understand.

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