8 Ways People of Color are Tokenized in Nonprofits
Helen Kim Ho

People of Colour? What does that even mean? Do you mean Coloured People? The phrase People of Colour is a nonsense. It is a term used by virtue signallers to show how PC they are. When has anything else in life been described in such a fellatious (sic) way. Do you call colouring pencils, pencils of colour? Or rainbows, arcs of colour? Or perhaps a pack of mixed peppers are vegetables of colour.

As a British Caucasian with a healthy ruddy complexion, you might say that my face has more colour in it than say a Chinese or South Asian or mixed race person, does that make me a person of colour, by your ridiculous terminology? I hope not because I am not pathetic and I don’t want your vampiric, self-indulgent sympathy.

If you are talking about black people, Asians, Africans, or anyone else, just say it. Don’t invent some stupid, meaningless term and then use it as the basis of invented injustice against this invented group. I do wonder how many people are writing nonsense like this, using all the politically correct, wanky terminology, and thinking they’re really clever. What’s more disturbing is how many people agree with them. Two words.



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