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Say Hello to the new ‘Far-Right’ aka Conservatives

How strange that conservative values are deemed to be ultra-right wing

The liberal media, whether they know it or not, are gradually dismantling our hard fought western culture and values one piece at a time. They’re so royally screwed up in the head, that they don’t even recognise their saviours when they appear, branding them as far-right extremists and fascists.

I’m talking about people like Milo Yiannopoulos, Anne Marie Waters, and Tommy Robinson. They are of course nothing of the sort. They are conservatives, they care deeply about western values and about a Britain where the aboriginal people are being forgotten; sidelined in favour of a much more popular, more needy, and virtuous charity case; immigrants from predominantly Muslim countries.

What puzzles me most is that those who read the liberal media are so lazy that they don’t even question what they are being told. I appreciate that we live in a world of Twitter, where the average person has a concentration span of about 30 seconds, but surely if you’re going to write someone off as a nutjob or a danger to society (when in reality they are trying to save it) at least do yourself the honour of hearing what they have to say before you nail them up.

On Medium, for example, there are literally hundreds of articles written by liberalised social justice warriors who literally have no idea what they are talking about. They label people like Milo as fascists, demonstrating a lack of understanding of both what fascism is and what Milo isn’t. People even pay these idiots to read their drivel, as it reinforces their own highly flawed groupthink. “I agree with you, you must be right. Have some money! Facts? Don’t worry about those, I’m interested in the right kind of self-reinforcing narrative”

There is no shortage of direct, uncut material, on the Internet. Whole speeches from Milo on his campus tour, talks given by Tommy Robinson and Anne Marie Waters. These, brave souls are standing up to the idiotic SJW’s who are sacrificing western values at the altar of multiculturalism, and don’t even know it.

When Jesus Christ came, he wasn’t popular. He had 15 in his entourage (less than Milo*), and he drew crowds as he went about teaching his message. In the end they nailed him up, even though his teachings were the biggest force for good that ever occurred in the written history of the world. Think about that. Think that you might just be a little bit (or a lot) brainwashed by the media. Jesus was, simply put, a highly influential man, indeed the most influential man of the last 2 millennia, but could the people at the time see it? Of course not. They branded him a troublemaker and so they killed him.

If you think Milo is a racist, or a misogynistic, antagonistic menace, go onto YouTube and type in his name, and listen to what he has to say. Not CNN when they do an editorial with Milo spliced together with two White Supremacists, showing clips from his speeches taken out of context. Don’t fall for it. Listen to the man himself. Go on, do it!

Better yet, download a sample of his book ‘Dangerous’ it won’t cost you anything and it could well save your sorry SJW ass from yet more delusion.

The same goes for Tommy Robinson and Anne Marie Waters. They are both proper conservatives; in that they want to conserve British values and culture from rampant liberal multiculturalism, and the loss of British law and order which police fail to enforce for fear of being called racist. Would you like he UK to be a nation where IslM is the primary religion? You may not have a religion any more, but muslims do, it’s called Islam, and unless you stand for something, the louder meaner voice (Islam) will prevail.

These messages are uncomfortable, but there are brave people out there who are saying them on your behalf. The least you can do is to hear what they have to say, not what the Guardian, or CNN or any other lefty tripe rag has to say about them. What are you so afraid of? Judge the tree by its fruits, or keep your stupid bloody mouth shut.

*I have no basis of fact to make this statement, I just found it an amusing thought.