Brexit was a vote against neoliberalism
Paris Marx

This premise is, in my opinion, totally wrong. Very Intellectual however.

Brexit was a vote against the gradual rise of Socialism; big government (the EU) and its totalitarian bureaucracy with no regard for democracy whatsoever. The socialists, who lost (let’s call them remainers), are mimicking the EU in their anti-democratic calls to have the result overturned. It is classic socialist behaviour — “we know better than you what’s good for you”. Brexit was an attempt to get some power back from those ‘more equal than others’ (politicians, bankers, and giant mega corporations who drink at the trough of government).

Look at the EU, and tell me it doesn’t resemble some kind of 21st century clone of the USSR, complete with decrepit economics, a single currency, falling productivity, high unemployment and general feeling of disempowerment. Now Communism failed, but it took a long time to fall over. The reason why the elderly voted to leave the EU (over the young) is because many of them have experienced the aftermath of National Socialism in Germany. They have seen it all before, and they voted to save their children and grandchildren from a similar fate. I’m not saying Jeremy Corbyn is the new Hitler, but if he gets into power, our personal freedom will really take a turn for the worse, and Britain is quite frankly finished, as anyone with any money will emigrate leaving the vultures to pick over the bones before they themselves starve.

The EU is socialism on a grand scale, the antidote to which is the free market, where we as individuals choose where we spend our money. Considering we have not had Free Markets pretty much since they have been talked about, I wonder why everyone hates neoliberalism so much, when we’ve not even experienced it. Are you telling me that Blair is a neoliberal? Bunkum. He hired more people than ever to work in government and borrowed more money than ever before, and taxed and spent this country to bankruptcy. Do you even know what neoliberalism is? Never mind. That was a rhetorical question.

Once we’ve got the EU government out the way, next stop is the UK government, which also needs to be cut down to size, and restore even more power to the people. I will be writing a number of essays on the subject of socialism, capitalism and freedom, and why it matters that we call out socialist ideas and socialists (like intellectuals in the media who don’t know what they are talking about) for what they truly represent, and where they will ultimately lead us if we don’t make a big enough case for the alternative.