You aren’t going to convince someone on Facebook anyway so don’t waste your time or their time.
How Facebook can be a bridge and not a river
Laced Up Lutheran

Actually, I’ve seen it happen once. My husband, in the comments on one of my articles. On the Second Amendment if you’d believe that. But yes, generally listening is better. My husband has been in the persuasion buisness for decades and was naturally talented to start.

One more thought for discussion, however. Yes, you will rarely change the mind of the person particpating in the public discussion. By logic, they tend to be more confident of their position, hence their willingness to proclaim it publicaly. A changed mind must first be a doubting or open one. Those people are the lurkers. After the listening, if engagement is next, write for those lurkers.

Sorry to jump in. I wholly endorse your advice to branch out and really listen. But occasionally, after the listening, the need to persuade may present.

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