We in liberal media left a vacuum that was eagerly filled first on radio by Rush Limbaugh et al, then on cable TV by Fox News, and then on the net by Breitbart, Infowars and worse. (Is The Wall Street Journal the antidote? I say no because it focuses on business, it is too expensive for most Americans, and it is owned by the man who has single-handedly wrought so much damage on American media and political discourse, Rupert Murdoch). These media outlets set out to utterly discredit mainstream, liberal media and they succeeded. They gave a hearing and a voice to the frustration of much of America that mainstream media could not hear, would not empathize with, and did not reflect. They also skewed the news and degraded the public conversation, fueling polarization and exploiting hostility.
A Proposal to Start a Responsible, Reliable, Reasonable Conservative News Organization
Jeff Jarvis

Nailed it.

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