AIAS VPN, an enterprise-grade VPN that can be paid with cryptocurrencies

AIAS VPN uses the public internet to create a cheap, isolated and secure private network, thanks to its advanced encryption system. This system can guarantee our privacy by operating over any unreliable public WiFi or any network.

In today’s world, the internet is where the vast majority of our activities take place, be they communication, entertainment or financial operations. Practically everything is done through the internet, so guaranteeing our privacy and confidentiality has become a necessity.

Key facts:
This system can guarantee our privacy by operating on any unreliable public WiFi. …

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while a private network has the security advantage of isolating your critical it service from the internet it can be costly to extend to different sites, devices and users. that’s where we come in. …

You will find bootstrap.dat and files on that repository. Use can download and use these to files sync your wallet or node faster.

Note: Don’t use any snapshot…

Check and download from our Github the latest wallets:

Check out our New Docker Hub:

NOTE on this update we have sorted out all bugs and also…

With great pleasure we would like to welcome a new addition on our chain explorers for AIAS.

With the new explorer anyone will be able to use various calculators (Masternode & Staking Calculators)

Please check it out here:

We do appreciate your feedback. Please share your feedback/suggestions via our Support Portal. — (Click on ADD NEW SUGGESTION)

(Empezando el 11–1–2018 hasta 11–30–2018)
Solo 50 plazas disponibles!!! (Solo damos Bounty para un maximo de 50 Masternodos de AIAS) El primero en entrar es el primero en salir! Una vez que estos 50 Masternodos hayas salido, este Bounty habrá acabado.

COMPRA 1 Masternodo (min. 1,002 AIASCoin) en BiteBTC o Crex24 y recibe un 10% de BONUS de AIAS gratis!

Para entrar en la promoción:

1.) COMPRA min. 1.002 AIASCoins en un exchange y realiza una captura de pantalla. (historial de ordenes)

2.) Guarda el TxId de transferencia a tu wallet local (min. 1,001 AIASCoins)

3.) Guarda…

(starting from 11–1–2018 till 11–30–2018)
Only 50 seats available!!! (We give the bounty for max. 50 AIAS Masternodes) First come first serve! Once these 50 MasterNodes are gone, this bounty will end.

BUY 1 Masternode (min. 1,002 (one thousand two) AIASCoin on BiteBTC or Crex24 and get 10% free bonus!

To enter Promotion:

1.) BUY min. 1,002 AIAS on one of the Exchanges and make a screenshot. (order history)

2.) Save a screenshot of your order history (showing you bought min 1002 AIAS) from the exchange and TxId for transferring to your local Wallet (min. 1,000 AIAS)

Here you have the transcription of the AmA and Roadmap Update done the October 26, 6 PM UK Time on AIAS Coin telegram group.


AIAScoin (Ticker: AIAS) is the premier solution to revolutionize the cryptocurrency and payment processing industry

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