AIASCoin Masternode Installation

Oct 2, 2018 · 4 min read

This is the procedure for AIASCoin Masternode Installation. VPS Requirements are:

  • 1 vCPU
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 20 GB Disk
  • 1 Fixed Public IP

There are a lot of VPS providers that can feet these requirements (Vultr, DigitalOcean, …). For this procedure, we show how to do with VULTR.

Configure your Vultr VPS

Deploy new server

For deploying new server click on the “+” sign

Select Location of the VPS

You can select any location

Select Server Type

Always Ubuntu 16.04

Select server size

The 5$ one is enough

Select Server Hostname (other options by default)

Select the hostname, later you cant change it, or if you change, the server will be reinstalled


Wait until the server finishes the installation

After finishing, clicking on the server name, it’s configuration appears

Now you have the IP adress of the server and you can ssh and manage it connecting to his IP. You have the root account and the password on the same screen.

Masternode Installation

Wallet Installation

You can download the latest Linux, Mac or Windows Wallet from this url.

Install Wallet and wait it to sync.

Get AccounAddress for Funding

Open debug console

Execute — >getaccountaddress MN1 (MN1 is the alias you want to give to your masternode)

Fill the Address with the Collateral for the MN (at least 1000 AIAS)

Get Masternode Information

Open debug console again

After the fist transaction has at least 1 confirmation

Execute →masternode outputs

Wait for a while (about 1 min)

Execute →masternode genkey

Save the txhash, the outputidx and the key

Install Masternode Software

Connect to your vps using ssh client.

Execute → wget

Execute →chmod +x

Execute →./

Answer Y to install dependencies
Answer Y to compile Daemon
Insert the private Key that you gor previously with the genkey command

Modify masternode.conf file

On the wallet installation path you have the masternode.conf file. Normally on %appdata%\aias (If you havent changed it on installation)

Remove all information of the file and add your masternode info, you got it and saved previously

<alias> <ip>:10721 <private_key> <tx_id> <index>

It will look like

MN1 87dCCnDFDdjNlwomdmKKMdkaNIE a3eofJJkdlMLKKokfValmofO 0

Restart the wallet

Open debugconsole again

Execute →startmasternode alias 0 MN1

The result will be like …

Now check on the VPS that the masternode is running correctly

Execute → aias-cli masternode status

Harden VPS

The best option to harden de VPS is to enable the FW

For this, go to vultr configuration page and manage your server and go to settings section

Go to firewall section

And click on manage

Click on Add Firewall Group

By default, the VPS has no FW enabled. We recomend to allow only SSH from your home/Office IP and deny the rest of connections

Change the source to My IP and it will select automatically your IP and click on the + sign

Now you have created the firewall rule to allow ssh traffic from your IP and drop the rest of connections

After that go again to Firewall settings of your VPS and select created Firewall rules.


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