My Canadian experience — Ahmed’s story

Ahmed Baratli , 26 years old, is one of the Exchange participants who chose Canada as a destination for an AIESEC professional internship in Channel Assist Inc . Here he is sharing his story with you.

Q: How can you describe your work there ?

A: Some parts of my job felt like an exciting challenge where I was asked to write parts of code with a programming language that I have never worked nor studied before. In other parts it was extremely fun to go on company dinner parties and just socialize with the other engineers and learn about their background and how they walked their way from being students to become senior engineers in global companies.

Overall, I realized that I do love that I am a software engineer, I had the chance to work in one of the leading companies in Canada and I made it for one year without making any critical mistakes, it has given me confidence that I am ready to work and start my professional life.

Q: How do you feel like your worldview has changed after going on exchange?

What I gained wasn’t a worldview but it was a heightened perspective altogether. I believe that I have gained a decent North American experience where I can now actually work in or with North American companies, the culture is different from the North African work culture but it’s eye opening to the differences between both of them to help me get the best of both worlds.

My exchange left me thoughtful about entrepreneurs and the risks they take to invest their time and money in a project where they risk everything and rely on a team of people to accomplish their vision in order to get their dream to become true. They not only risk their investment but they also dare to reach out to bigger companies and sell them their products, so in a way they are selling their own dream and making others believe in their vision way before they have actually accomplished them.

Q: How did you feel as a Tunisian going abroad? What sort of things stood out or changed?

The thing I loved the most is how diverse Canada is, where no one is really Canadian and everyone has a different background, and despite our differences we are all similar in a way or another and I ended up becoming a member of the AIESEC York family where every girl is a sister and every boy is a brother and the president of the Local Chapter is our mother figure.

I suppose there was quite a bit of pressure because I was the first Tunisian to ever set foot in the city of Toronto but just being myself was assuring for the people that I interacted with. How you interpret and bring your identity with you is, to some degree, representative of where you come from, but I think when travelling, we all have that sense in us to bring the best out of ourselves.

Ahmed thinks that his exchange experience made him reveal his better side, care to make and share your experience ?

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