What kind of #machinelearning algorithms do the #driverlesscars use?  #AI #ML
  • The car’s sensors gather data on nearby objects, like their size and rate of speed.
  • Driverless cars use Machine Vision Algorithms, and there are different ways to gather/capture, prepare training data sets for Autonomous Vehicles.
  • To train both their recognition and decision-making algorithms we have to take their raw data and deliver it back with bounding boxes and labels that accurately categorize and identify those objects.
  • For those using lidar, an active laser sensor system that illuminates the car’s surroundings, creating what are known as point clouds, we have to take those images and provide 3D annotations.
  • This lidar data is annotated to provide accurate georeferenced coordinates that are used to replicate the reality of a car’s surroundings, creating the AI that makes the technology safer and more reliable.

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