Artificial Intelligence (#AI) on average can boost company profits by 38% —@Accenture
  • — Accenture Research The above key findings was derived from comprehensive new research on the potential economic impact of artificial intelligence (AI) in GVA, a close approximation of GDP that accounts for the value of goods and services produced, developed by Accenture Research in collaboration with Frontier Economics.
  • Here are 10 significant takeaways from the new Accenture Research on AI and its potential economic impact: 1.
  • To prepare for a successful future with AI, business leaders should consider the following eight strategies: To further understand the economic impact of AI, Salesforce commissioned a report from IDC on how AI-powered CRM — the fastest growing and soon-to-be largest category of enterprise software — will impact GDP growth and the job market.
  • Here are the key findings: Here’s the link to Accenture’s full AI research report.
  • The report found that AI could double annual economic growth rates by 2035 and boost labor productivity by up to 40 percent by fundamentally changing the way work is done.

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