#AI & #Automation Are Key to #Digital Transformations
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  • While nearly all IT and business decision-makers believe automation plays a critical role in ongoing digital transformation efforts, most admit that they haven’t made enough progress in this area, according to a recent survey from Infosys.
  • Survey respondents said lifelong learning at their organization is essential, especially as their company struggles to keep employees with highly sought skill sets.
  • “An overwhelming majority of organizations are already undergoing full-cycle digital transformation with the automation of tasks at the center of their collective initiatives,” according to the report.
  • “This means that, in the future, an organization’s competitiveness will be measured in terms of how well its employees are able to do those tasks that automation cannot do — the tasks that involve human curiosity, creativity, and hunger to learn and grow.
  • This also means those enterprises that are highly invested in lifelong learning for their employees — to nurture all that is uniquely human in them — will be the ones that have a workforce better suited to capitalize on the future of business.”

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