As Artificial Intelligence Advances, What Are its Religious Implications?
  • T he concept of artificial intelligence has been fuel for science fiction since at least 1920, when the Czech writer Karel Čapek published R.U.R., his play about a mutiny led by a throng of robots.
  • Speculation about the future of intelligent machines has run rampant in the intervening decades but recently has taken a more critical turn.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer imaginary, and the implications of its future development are far-reaching.
  • As computer scientists confirm their intent to push the limits of AI capabilities, religious communities and thinkers are also debating how far AI should go — and what should happen as it becomes part of the fabric of everyday life.
  • “Scientists want to be at the cutting edge of research, and they want the contribution to knowledge,” says Brendan Sweetman, chair of philosophy at Rockhurst University.

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