Evolving Education with #Cognitive and #DataScience:  #BigData #MachineLearning at @kdnuggets
  • The data science enabled professional, Brian Fitzgerald, Business-Higher Education Forum
  • Making data science a team sport
  • Evolving Education with Cognitive and Data Sciences brings together faculty, academic and industry leaders to explore how to rapidly evolve academic programs and research to satisfy the exploding demand for graduates skilled in cognitive and data sciences — across all fields of study.
  • Spend the week at World of Watson following Evolving Education day with Cognitive and Data Sciences.
  • Closing panel hosted by Guru Banavar, Chief Science officer for Cognitive Computing, IBM Research

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@KirkDBorne: “Evolving Education with #Cognitive and #DataScience: #BigData #MachineLearning at @kdnuggets” open tweet »

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