F-35, F-22 to Get Artificial Intelligence | via @WarriorOnScout  @Krisosbornko #F35 #USAF
  • F-35s, F-22s and other fighter jets will soon use improved “artificial intelligence” to control nearby drone “wingmen” able to carry weapons, test enemy air defenses or perform intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance missions in high risk areas, senior Air Force officials said.
  • Citing ongoing progress with computer algorithms and some degree of AI (artificial intelligence) already engineered into the F-35, Air Force Chief Scientist Gregory Zacharias said that technology was progressing quickly at the Air Force Research Lab — to the point where much higher degrees of autonomy and manned-unmanned teaming is expected to emerge in the near future.
  • “This involves an attempt to have another platform fly alongside a human, perhaps serving as a weapons truck carrying a bunch of missiles,” Zacharias said in an interview with Scout Warrior.

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@RCDefense: “F-35, F-22 to Get Artificial Intelligence | via @WarriorOnScout @Krisosbornko #F35 #USAF” open tweet »

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