How can we use #AI to change the world? Read Vinod Kumar's new blog from #CEOSummit 2016:
  • The team realised that with the use of intelligent systems the world could operate an entire economy underpinned by the value of water.
  • “Water for life” chose to address the worldwide shortage of water and believed that AI held some of the answers.
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  • So the Water for Life team conceived of a system where people, businesses and governments were awarded credits for the good husbanding of water while those who wasted it received debits.
  • Vinod Kumar is Managing Director of Tata Communications Limited and CEO of Tata Communications Limited Group, part of the $96.79 billion Tata Group.

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@tata_comm: “How can we use #AI to change the world? Read Vinod Kumar’s new blog from #CEOSummit 2016:” open tweet »

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