Introducing NVIDIA JetPack 2.3 for #deeplearning on embedded systems:  #JetsonTX1
  • Our latest software suite of developer tools and libraries for the Jetson TX1 takes the world’s highest performance platform for deep learning on embedded systems and makes it twice as fast and efficient.
  • It offers double the performance for deep learning over previous implementations of cuDNN.
  • The camera API gives developers lower level access to connect camera sensors over MIPI CSI.
  • New APIs for half-precision floating point computation in CUDA kernels and cuBLAS and cuFFT libraries have also been added.
  • The JetPack 2.3 all-in-one package bundles and installs all system software, tools, optimized libraries and APIs, along with providing examples so developers can quickly get up and running with their innovative designs.

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@nvidia: “Introducing NVIDIA JetPack 2.3 for #deeplearning on embedded systems: #JetsonTX1” open tweet »

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