The dangers of letting #BigTech control #AI 

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  • Namely, there’s a fundamental disconnect between the way the tech industry talks about innovations in AI and the actual value delivered to consumers and enterprises.
  • As it stands now, the vast majority of AI is being developed within the enormous black hole of a few major technology companies.
  • The problems they are tackling, even if real and worthwhile, address just a tiny portion of AI’s potential to impact the tech industry and the overall economy, not to mention humanity as a whole.
  • These companies’ control of the vast majority of talent, data, and other resources necessary to develop life-changing technologies is bad for any number of stakeholders who would otherwise stand to benefit from AI.
  • As our systems become more advanced and the costs of developing new AI software begin their predictable descent, it’s becoming easier for startups and smaller companies to get in on the action.

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