The @RealitiesCentre Announces #AI + #VR Conference & Hackathon for March -
  • Taking place in March 2017, the Realities Centre will be hosting another conference and hackathon, this time dedicated to artificial intelligence (AI) and VR.
  • In December 2016 a new venue opened up in London, UK called the Realities Centre, focused on promoting virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) technology.
  • VRFocus will continue its coverage of Realities Centre, reporting back with any further announcements.
  • THe last couple of months have seen several conferences and hackathons taking place and now the venue has revealed its latest events.
  • Held on 16th March will be the AI+VR Conference, featuring an evening of discussions exploring the two fields, namely how AI machine learning and natural language processing can be used in VR. Speaking at the event will be Rob Whitehead, co-founder and CTO of Improbable, whose talk will be on ‘A high level introduction of the AI and VR industry’.

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@VRFocus: “The @RealitiesCentre Announces #AI + #VR Conference & Hackathon for March -” open tweet »

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