#AI can now predict whether or not humans will think your photo is awesome
  • PicsArt’s new AI shows you similar images The Aesthetics tool, still in beta testing, allows users to upload a photo and get an auto-generated list of tags, as well as a percentage rate on the “chance that this image is awesome.”
  • According to developers, the neural network was trained to view an image much in the same way a human photo editor would, looking at factors such as color, sharpness, and subject.
  • As early users report, the system seems to be fairly good at recognizing factors like whether or not the image is sharp and if the composition is interesting, but it is certainly far from a pair of human eyes.
  • While the results of just how “awesome” a photo is may not be accurate for every image, the auto-tagging tool could prove useful, generating a list of keywords from object recognition as well as less concrete terms, like love, happiness, and teamwork.
  • Clicking on a keyword will bring up an Everypixel search for other images with that same tag, or users can copy and paste the list of keywords.

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