Below Bare Trees

Rain is interesting,

How you can feel rain before it comes,

Your muscles ache, or chills run through you.

The air out here smells saturated, as a slow drizzle begins.

This rain was different than other late November rain, it was the last.

From below bare trees,

I hear crystal droplets hitting the branches above my head with a slight tap, tap, tap.

Only remnants of the rain reach me here.

My hair now nearly soaked clings to the sides of my face.

The wind hits me, cold reddens my cheeks.

Water droplets flow down the tree, like tears.

The tree weeps as the rain grows heavier

This rain was like autumn’s swan song,

No leaves left to break free and fall, this bare tree is sad.

The leaves smelt stale muddy and damp clinging to my boots.

December is approaching, these fallen leaves will soon be hidden by unforgiving snow,

From below bare trees,

I saw the death of autumn with the rain,

During a rain like this other stay in their homes, with their blankets and tea.

I wait, I wait as the bare tree cries.

With the water around me, I know soon winter comes,

From below bare trees,

Autumn disappears.

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