Pain is Real (and other lessons you learn the hard way)

1. Nothing is ever done-Life is series of stages, and each one leads to the next if you want thrive. The only time you will ever be coasting is if you are backsliding, going downhill. Retirement drives men made for a reason. Once you stop, so does your momentum. No matter how efficient & smart you do anything, and no matter what you have done, there is another level.

2. You cannot wait-The moment never arrives. Even with timing, you still must move yourself into position to take advantage of it

3. You either build off pain, or you hide inside of it. Pain is alchemical MAGIC, its growth or constriction by way of avoidance. What hurts the most is what you need to do the most. Nothing is more real or more compelling than pain

4. Run into fear-Fear and pain go together. You rationalize the first, you hide from the other. A life built upon fear is a house of cards you whisper through, and its fragile. Yet you’ll metaphorically die for the bloody thing, though you don’t believe in it. That is how fearful you are.

5. Trust your intuition-This one is bloody difficult. We second guess it once, make a mistake, and then stop trusting ourselves. And then we get farther away from it with every decision thereafter. You may not be “right” all the time, but there is no other way to sharpen intuition than by USING it. When do not trust yourself, NO ONE will ever fully trust you. And trusting them does not make up for it

6. You need an EDGE-something you do best, in a way that no one else does. What this is does not matter so much as you live and DO IT. This is your truth so to speak, it is what sets you apart in the best way possible. You must have something, otherwise you are unmemorable

7. You’re either fighting or dying-You fight your own fight, thrive on the conflict, hold your own hand, and you win at something. Or you don’t. You can feel when you don’t. Live on your terms, or live by someone else’s terms. This a sharply defined line. No one has ever been admired for the ability to play things safe and easy. Fear does not bring you closer to anything. Go Fight

8. Character is built by challenge- There is nothing else that builds it. One does not become virtuous by being scared

9. Make your own decisions-This is not hard. You choose yourself, or someone else does your choices for you. This is what power is. Once you surrender choice, everything else about you becomes something to be bargained. You will lose your soul in this process

10. Fuck your excuses-No one that matters ever cares, and no one that cares truly matters. The only people that cares are people who want to take advantage of them by way of pain. Excuses run into infinity, and so too does their subtraction from your life. You’ll turn into nothing but a sad shell with every utterance of why you cannot, could not, would not, will not, should not. Not leads to nothingness in due time.

11. Creation is proportionate to fortitude-How much criticism can you handle? How much pain? Discomfort? Challenge? Madness? The more you can withstand, the greater your ability to do ANYTHING. Creativity needs impossibility in order to be realized fully

12. Seek Contentment, not Happiness-One is eternal and can be made deeper. The other is ephemeral, & can never be captured for very long. Happiness can be taken from you in an instant. Contentment is inside yourself, it has no bounds, and it is untouchable