It’s Crave’s One Year Anniversary!

Time for a celebration — and a promotion. Everyone one likes promotions, right? And a chance a free stuff, too, huh…?

A little about the novel…

CRAVE — Book 1 of The Grigori Celestial Chronicles

Striving desperately to prevent the menacing specter of the looming apocalypse, CRAVE is the first in this series of the tormented fallen Grigori Watcher angels, as they struggle to turn the chaos they caused in the distant past right again in our present.

CRAVE introduces the world to a powerful, extraordinary cast and spans over thirteen thousand years. Life after life, Zoe and Arma’ros are bound, until suddenly, the final Day of reckoning charges down upon them, throwing them into a headlong race to stop the factions of Darkness from unleashing an impending Apocalypse upon our unsuspecting Earth. Together they must locate the last Enochian Key and prevent it from falling into the enemy’s grasp, which could unlock either the prophesied End of Days — or untold Divine potential. A painful past must be revisited to resolve old mysteries and expose ancient conspiring enemies for today’s answers — bringing unimaginable motives and agendas concealed since before the Beginning — answers necessary now for our world’s survival.

And… a little about me… ;-)

A. J. James is a resident of Canada, currently devotedly working on the continuation of the Watcher Angels’ narratives. Her hobbies include photography, poetry, illustration, yoga, archery, dressage, energy work, recording music, target shooting, and practicing balance with her four extra-large rescue dogs. She also plans to become more adept at knife and axe-throwing, long-sword wielding and riding dragons… er, motorcycles.


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