People make friends and acquaintances around the globe with whom they want to stay in touch for long or while travelling to various places, need to stay connected with family and friends. This might result into hefty mobile balance that adds a little disappointment in our enjoyment. Another problem that has rooted up in recent times is the huge data bills which arise during international or national tours. These increase in charges occurs unintentionally. But there are certain measures that can be taken up to stay connected while travelling places and lower down the data roaming charges, without considering about the heavy international roaming charges.

Usage of Cellular data package-

If you are planing a trip to United Kingdom or Europe and wish to use your cellular data while roaming, it is recommended to use mobile data package that offer options for a significant amount of savings on the usage of data and its charges. There are many European data packages which are available for use in 43 countries.

Data Roaming should be turned off-

While travelling internationally, one need to be careful that to switch off the data roaming on smart phones so as to ensure a reduction in high data charges. If the data roaming capacity is turned on, there are many apps like weather, news that your phone keeps on updating in the background without your consent and this further adds on to the charges while you are travelling.

  • In case you are not within your carrier’s network, data roaming enables to gain access over the cellular data network and therefore its better to put off the data roaming to avoid heavy bills.
  • If while travelling, your data pack is switched off, you will not be able to send or receive emails, browse web, avoid downloads and activation of international roaming apps that are inclusive of the use of data connection. This does not affect the incoming and out coming calls or sending text messages over phones.

Keep a track on the usage of cellular data-

  • Android smart phones have the features to allow its users to download various tracking applications that help you keep a check and observe the usage of your data while roaming. Some apps provide assistance to manage your 3G data and other data plans to avoid the risk of over the top rates. These apps have many usable and attractive features that can keep you safe from heavy data bills at immense global roaming rates.
  • While there are some other international apps that have the option of monitoring the amount of data being used by an app and automatically allows the user to create usage alarms. This will keep a track on the extra charges that keeps on adding up. Android phones have the property of simple, easy and understandable visualizations that keep a track record of the history of app time and app usage. In short, it helps you attain the maximum benefits from your data plans.

Cease the automatic email and other updates

Many smart phones have the facility of push mails to ensure that you receive emails as soon as possible. Whenever the phones goes to check for the server in order to see if you have received any mails or not, cellular data is being used at high rates. If you disable the push mail option and keep yourself connected manually to email server while your are connected to Wi-Fi network, aids in lowering the amount of data bills.

If you follow these tips and keep them in mind while travelling, helps you to keep a track on your data bills and reduces its amount. Always ensure to keep your automatic updates disabled so as to avoid any kind of unwanted downloading.