Talk Global With Local At Lowest International Roaming Charges

In this highly tech savvy world where calling charges and data charges are so low, international roaming charges are still a big concern for international travelers. These can still give people a big shock if not taken care properly.

Most of the travelers: be it a leisure traveler or business traveler, look for options where their local SIM card and data charges can also ‘roam’ with them. It could have been difficult till a few years back, but today the technology has solution for this also.

So, now you can easily talk global with local SIM without bothering about the exorbitant roaming charges. Traveling apps provide an apt solution for cheapest international roaming charge and keep you stay connected to business associates, friends, family and colleagues with the local number.

I have seen my friends having overseas business worried about their connection with international clients, when they are abroad. Through this app, they can stay connected to customers all across the world irrespective of the country they are in. They are just in love with the app, which also allows them to make app to app calls and save huge telephone bills. They can receive calls from the customers without worrying about the international roaming charges.

This is equally beneficial for the callers, as they don’t have to pay for international calls. They just have to call on the local number and enjoy uninterrupted calls at much lower rates.

What are some other features except cheap international roaming charges?

Clarity of Calls: Uninterrupted international calling is another feature of the app. It basically depends on the internet speed. If you have high-speed internet, you can enjoy long chats with your loved ones with perfect voice clarity.

Controlled Bills: Though international roaming charges are not in your control, but you can at least minimize them with Ajura app. It can bring down to your roaming charges as low as 90%. So save money with cheapest international roaming charges and use it to enjoy your trip abroad to the fullest.

Moreover, you can also get top up for your mobile phone from the app only. It saves you from the hassle of searching for the local mobile store in foreign country.

No SIM Swapping: Frequent swapping of different SIMs and then fear of missing urgent calls is another problem for international travelers. The app saves you from this hassle also as you do not need to buy international SIM card. It allows you to ring from the local number as well as attend calls on local number at the normal rates.

How to avail all these benefits?

Just make sure that everyone with whom you want to stay in touch when traveling abroad has Ajura app in their mobile phone. It will not only convert your international calls into local calls, but will also save money spent on buying minutes. You just need an internet connection to enjoy long chats free of cost.

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