What I have learnt from the Paw Patrol

Tips from Ryder and the Pups you can use in your next family or work project.

If your preparing for a big task in your work, or the next family occasion, big trip, or home improvement, share these little learnings with your family, friends, or workmates when setting it up.

Establish the plan

If your an avid fan like me and my boys, you might have noticed some similar patterns in the Paw Patrol world. The pups set about their day, and then, something untoward happens, so because of that, they need to do something, but something else happens, so they do something more, until the situation is resolved, then they reflect, and move on with life.

This is a classic storytelling structure, and very familiar in everyday life.

And I must say the pups deal with these situations extremely effectively, so what can we take away to ‘save the day’? Make sure you know your plot, and have a plan.

Assemble the team

Ryder has set himself up with a formidable team, with varied strengths and characteristics. And when you look around I’m sure will be the same with your ‘team’. Whatever your family, work or friends related project don’t do it on your own. It will be better together. Plan the next trip as a team.

“ready for action Ryder, sir!”

Define the job to be done

First step for the Paw Patrol, after a ‘yelp for help!’ (always), is for Ryder to assemble his team and brief them on the situation and what needs to be done. It is very clear what the problem is, the solution, and who needs to do what.

Does your team know what your doing? Why are you having this occasion? What do you ALL want to get out of it?

Play to your strengths

What Ryder does well when a situation occurs, he breaks down the jobs and gets the right pup for each role, matching their strengths to the task at hand. They all have their specialties (and I’m sure their limitations!?) but he makes sure he gets the most out of each talent, and sets them all up to succeed. There will be lots of wisdom in your family. Lots of nuggets. Listen to it. There will be lots of talents amoungst your friends/workmates. Use them. Get the kids to do the online research. Get the oldies to identify the risks, the teenagers, the pros vs. cons list.

Give yourself the best chance

Ryder has obviously invested heavily into gearing up his Pups to succeed. They are knowledgeable and have the best state of the art resources and tricks at their disposal. Have a think about what tools your team needs. If your planning a trip talk to people who know the destination well. If your renovating, the job is soooo much easier having the right tools and specialist support to hand.

Have rituals and procedures

“Paw Patrol to the look out!”

As we have seen, the Pups have very strong but simple standard operating procedures, they know what to do, where to go, and what will happen when each situation arises. Each scenario is different, but with the rituals of meeting, briefings, and attending in place they are in a good place to discuss, establish and action the best plan of attack. The mantra’s ‘no job is too big, no pup is too small’ and mottos ‘Chase is on the case!’ also help generate enthusiasm and clear communication as a team. You probably have little ‘sayings’ in your family when you walk out the door to take on the day, make them positive and relevant to your little team.

Inspire and have fun

“Paw Patrol is on a roll!”

I’m always of full confidence in the Pups ability to deal with a situation, their natural enthusiasm and energy inspires confidence, and I’m sure allays any self doubts they have in themselves or each other. When the renovations all seem to much, the boss too stressed, pick each other up and talk about the future, have a laugh and try and enjoy the journey.

Be agile

I’m not sure if the Pups are deliberately using the agile methodology, but their sprints and ability to pivot when needed is evident. Situations will change, so beyond having these foundations and process in place, learn and adapt as you go. Communicate with your team when there needs to be a change in plan. If your daughter doesn’t want a wedding cake, and you do, deal with it. Collaborate, ask, listen, agree, and get on with it.

Work together. Your team and your stakeholders

What the Pups also do well is engage with their community and stakeholders. They know who the ‘client’ is, communicate what they are doing, and make sure they connect with these people right thru the process. This includes some post sales service. Don’t forget to thank those that have played a big role. It will make the project a bigger, more shared success.

Recap and celebrate

Like the Pups, you will get the job done. Make sure you reflet and share your experience with each other, and pat each other on the back.

Before you move on to that next ‘necessary’ mission in life, take a breath and enjoy the moment. Together.

Keep out of trouble!