2016 was Artificial | 2018 will be Ambient


2016 was artificial | 2018 was ambient

In 2016 we learned what Artificial Intelligence (AI) is: a machine thinking like or for a human being. Ambient Intelligence (AmI) makes this experience personal: “It’s great that a distant machine can calculate many algorithms, but what can it do for me, here, now?”

The Magic is in the personal.

The Magic is in the personal.

The rise of the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) is really the computers we know, those on our desks and in our pockets, extending their reach to the world around us. The experiences we have come to expect from those ‘traditional’ or better described First and Second Wave of Computers Technologies will extend as well to this new world — one where physical and digital really do combine and collide into a new set of experiences.

What seems to be missing in most of the conversations we have about IoT is the idea that this platform is somehow different than earlier computer platform experiences; most notably that somehow IoT will not represent us through profiles and preferences.

Firstly, What is AmI?

Most experts can’t agree on a single description; see wikipedia here but i’ve spent the last six months talking too a broad range of thought leaders, and this is what I’ve come up with:

Ambient Intelligence (AmI) is the combination of technologies; towards a seamless & personal, continuously available digital experience in the physical world.

Another way to describe Ambient Intelligence or AmI, is a combination of IoT + AI, or as:

IoT + AI = AmI

If technology was served in a restaurant: AmI would be best described as a personalized combination of IoT and AI, with a dash of blockchain, and a serving of Big Data.

To AmI, What is IoT?

An Internet for the world around you. The point where the physical and digital worlds meet. A connection point for interactions of digital life to meet our physical experience.

To AmI, What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence is; a machine thinking like or for a human being. AI is the cognitive ability to consume data & information and output knowledge & wisdom.

The Wave View of Computer Technologies

The First Wave

Internet of islands — Much like the Internet around 1996, the Internet of Things needs to grow up and become personal. Instead of the separate websites of first wave internet, we want the social media style experience to merge and serve us like today’s internet: systems that know us via our shared information, connections & relationships, and more personally from our preferences.

The Second Wave

Mobile — extend these experience to single mobile device — convenient enough to fit in our pockets, but powerful enough to make portable the experiences of the desktop computing environment — portable internet is the second wave.

The Third wave

Physical & Smart — The third wave takes these now familiar experiences, bringing them into the physical world around us — by extending our existing profiles and social experiences, we can add new ones where previously unknown needs are met (read mobile before Uber, Tinder, Snapchat, etc) thus better integrating the physical and digital worlds we live in — and making these new experiences relevant.

The Fourth wave

Personal & Intelligent — As part of the next wave of computing; the fourth wave, collectively we get to build on and look forward to some of the biggest trends and topics of today’s technology landscape; (Blockchain, Big Data, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence) crafted into a seamless experiences in our everyday life finally achieving the missing piece: making this data intelligent, and relevant to me.

Why Now?

What gets me and the rest of us focused on 4th wave internet technologies excited, is 2018 predicted to start of investment, mergers and acquisitions in Ambient Intelligence (AmI), Virtual/Mixed Reality, Robotics and NanoTech — all starting a movement that will culminate with all to reach there highest levels yet.

Personal Needs = Customize Services.

Why does any market take off; or how does a ‘new’ industry spawn a tech unicorn? it all happens by one metric: addressable customers.

This is the most important aspect of growth: more potential growth. Building stronger bonds, and relationships between customers, their interactions and services is this metric. So it follows that by combing IoT & AI — these interactions, this analysis and prediction all drives an ambient interface — increasing retention and discover — making your product more valuable.

Think about it; most platforms now require a login to identify you, and ask you to login using Facebook or Linkedin, or start a new identity altogether using email. This login, identifies you and your identity is critical in giving a customized, ie personalized, experience to your visit. Imagine logging into Facebook, but not having any preferences or connections — it would be pretty boring, and of much less importance and value to us. IoT will be the same.

Combing all the Pieces

If the IoT is the body of the sensor experience, Big Data would be the memory, Blockchain is relationships & action history, AI would be the brain interpreting and deciding on these inputs ->> AMI would be the personality expressing preference, desire and digital emotion — a near future will bring all these together into a personal view on technology — one that will increase the relevance, and value to us; the end user.

We need really good Use Cases

What we collectively need is really good examples of responsive and personal environments, beyond the current hype cycle of “SMART” technologies, leading to experiences that are intelligent, personal and responsive. The use cases we need now will not only prove the underlying technologies, but make a statement about coolness: function and form combining into the next ‘must have’ technology.

The Fourth wave promises a combination of 3rd wave tech beyond smart refrigerators that know when to order milk — a Personal combination.

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