Reframing Managing Parents and Decisions to Caring for Parents and for One Another, Together

The news is an understandable flutter with parents and teachers upset about the myriad of possibilities of what school will look like when our students need to return in just weeks here in the US.


Imagining our transitions from home to work and why it’s good even when there isn’t a pandemic

Framing Our Covid19 Experience for Home + Work

How are we curating our environments at home and at work to allow for our maximum engagement, considering everyone’s needs and continuing to care for ourselves? …

What post pandemic visions are you holding and helping to reshape?
Our containers that hold our most treasured relationships are demaning our reimagining.

Post Virus Vision and Images: What Are Yours?

As someone who prefers strength based approaches to change and who admittedly was finding the pre-covid world exhausting, I’m holding positive images for a postcovid world and what that could look like.

When I think of a day in history that I…

System reboot, standby and prepare for launch

Virus Update: System Reboot+Preparing for Launch

This chaotic time is a birthplace for new design thinking. Any organizational leader whether it be a parent, principal, CEO or little league organizer has been given an invitation for a complete recreation.

We have an opportunity to reflect on what was working before…

A transformative vision for the world starts with accepting nature’s pace.

Virus Induced Wake Up Call: This is Mission+Vision Critical

This global pause is awe inspiring when I consider that every possible distraction outside of our homes has been removed and inside there are no sports on television and no daily race to the next activity. …

Deep breaths and #connectingsocial to heal the world forward

Covid-19 Solution Fatigue + Permission To Be Human

I’ve been leaning into the global pause and managing my own as well as my family’s collective mindset. …

This is me standing by a sign promoting a kindness rocks event where families could come and paint their own rocks.
Kindness rocks in every circumstance

A Sleuth for the Common Good

When Covid-19 was just making it’s way into the news here in the US just a few weeks ago, I honestly was anxious. Ok, maybe not anxious at first but I was taking note and keeping informed. Each day a little bit more about…

Photo by Mark Wilson | Getty Images

Why am I Reacting This Way to the Death of Bush 41?

George Herbert Walker Bush passed away last week and the news stories were flooding in across the channels — no matter your political leanings.

I watched and listened to what the anchors were saying on various channels so…

Employee Engagement: How to Curate Safe Environments

As an Appreciative Inquiry and positive psychology practitioner , Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC), wife, and mother, I am interested in the intersection of home, school, work, and play. …

Trident Aircraft Leadership Team gathers at Easton, Maryland headquarters

Trident Aircraft: Easton, MD Headquarters. Appreciative Inquiry meets an aviation company head on.

For two days at the end of July I had the honor of facilitating SOAR, a strength based paradigm with its origins in Appreciative Inquiry that stands for Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations and Results with the leadership team…

Andrea Kane Frank, MS, LCPC, CAPP

Wife, mom, Appreciative Inquiry and KINDNESS practitioner who is interested in the intersection of home, school, work and play.

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