Connection, Conversation and Contagion

Spring has sprung at least in the Mid-Atlantic Region of the US and folks are shaking off the cobb webbs and gathering to socialize, spectate at sporting events, attend festivals and savor the sun. The winter cocoon is lifted and more engagement is evident.

The winter holds an important place for us to pull inward and contemplate about life, our work, our goals — what’s important to us. It allows the spring to come in with full force so we can be ready to welcome the fresh beginnings that spring offers. Observing the new blooms every morning make me marvel at the changes even by the afternoon on the same day.

We’re ready to connect and we need it. Our conversations hold an invitation to leave people feeling good. The opportunity lies in our ability to adjust our focus and zoom the lens out when necessary. How can you experience a conversation and be sure you’re contributing positively so that once it’s over you feel good and you’ve left the others focused on the good?

Share that you were sorry to hear of a situation that may be less than what one hoped and offer your best effort to lead with a shift by sharing a thought of hope for a better next time. Ask them what’s good — everyone can find something positive if you invite them to look in that direction. You can also invite curiosty to shift bad feelings and brainstorm reasons why something may have happened that may not be for the reasons we think.

We’re all contagious — not just infectious by colds or flu but also by attitude and our choice of words. My challenge is for people to think about the words they’re choosing — they all have power. I’m encouraging the uniting ones, ones that bring people together or leave them feeling better or uplifted. I’m not asking anyone to be a pollyanna, just to be mindful of their conversations and their impacts. How do you want to feel?

Peace starts within ourselves and when we’re off center our conversations may reflect that and may carry reactivity. Western society holds a lot of separateness and our current world needs more togetherness. I’m here to offer more of that kind of contagion.

Wanna join me in starting the wave?