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How About a Little Positivity Boost?

Creative projects of late have me focusing on the tenets of Positive Psychology, namely, Positivity!

What do you do when you feel like you need a little boost, especially when you’re feeling bad or for every day just to add some good vibrations to your routine?

Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg’s Option B features her journey through the death of her husband and how she walked the path thus far with Adam Grant, New York Times author and Wharton School Professor. In a recent interview with Brene Brown she spoke about how Adam encouraged her to write down three things she was grateful for every day — even in her darkest days. She said it was one of the greatest takeaways so far in this journey.

What are some of your favorites when you especially need a lift? I spoke to a friend just yesterday who shared she loves to watch funny shows or listen to music. They are two of my favorites along with some good old cinema therapy with some romantic comedies or just plain old funny movies. One of my go to’s even after having seen it thousands of times is What About Bob with Bill Murray.

How about coffee dates or being a Positive Spotter — looking for anything good happening around you? I love hearing stories from people who share experiences of someone paying their coffee or drive through order forward and the joy of being told by the pick up window attendant that they were all set — their order was paid by a stranger. I imagine the smile on the attendant’s face, the stranger’s and the recipient…all three will have a good impact on the next person they encounter based on feeling good!

How about random acts of texting — sending an I’m thinking of you, that’s all and just wanted you to know kind of message? Snail mail is another favorite of mine. I love getting it and sending it! I’m smiling just thinking about these things!

It’s great to surprise someone with appreciation or to just say hello. Our technology while connecting us — also isolates us. The gift of eye contact and a smile is far reaching. I love thanking cashiers or anyone who has worked hard behind the scenes of an event to make it so special. I usually say my thank you’s but I like to follow them up with a note — even if it’s just an email.

What are some of your favorites? How can you contribute to raising the positivity vibe in your home, school or office? Come join the raise the vibe tribe!

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Wife, mom, Appreciative Inquiry and KINDNESS practitioner who is interested in the intersection of home, school, work and play.

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