Do everything before you’re ready

Earlier this week I fell into the Instagram rabbit hole. Late one night I was scrolling through photos and clicking on different links when I came across a Youtube video by Jodie Fox, the founder of Shoes of Prey. The title of the video was ‘Do everything before you’re ready.’

Jodie describes how sometimes (most of the time!) what holds people back is fear of failure and the idea that whatever you are working on needs to be perfect before it’s finished. Instead she advocates jumping straight in and doing everything before you’re ready.

This idea really resonated with me. I often hesitate to put something out into the world before I feel it is completely polished. I’ve found this hesitation can slow down my progress or even be fatal to my idea. Struggling with the finishing touches to make my project perfect, it gets put in the too-hard basket never to be seen again.

So the next time you are struggling to finish a project, remember Jodie’s mantra and do everything before you’re ready.

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