Say hello

This morning I met a diverse group of professionals, shared stories and talked about work over coffee and breakfast. Among others we met a professional singer, a human rights lawyer, an automotive business manager and the managing director of a successful travel company. It was a diverse group crossing experience levels, professional backgrounds and nationalities. We all met this morning at the Bangkok Breakfast Network.

Many people have told me that they dislike networking. It can be daunting meeting people you don’t know and sometimes it takes a lot of energy to make introduction after introduction. But the discussion this morning was around how valuable networks really are. Intentional mingling can lead to jobs, chance encounters turn into friendships, and new contacts can turn into business collaborations.

I have always liked the quote “A simple hello could lead to a million things” because you never know who you might or what type of relationship you might build. Professional or personal, networking is a way to build connections, create communities and bring together diversity.

And it can all start with a simple hello.