Speaker Profile: Sandy Walsh

Women IN Development Vol. 2 panel discussion, 1 June 2016, by AKIN ASIA

Sandy Walsh is the Director, Social Innovation Group at Cisco. She leads Cisco’s social investment in the Asia Pacific and Japan region with a team of 15, spanning 25 countries. Sandy manages a group within Cisco focusing on corporate social responsibility (CSR) and social innovation. Initiatives underway address issues related to human capital development, employment, and community empowerment across the region. Cisco’s approach to social investment focuses on applying the company’s unique technology expertise, solutions, and people to create strategic, relevant and sustainable programs that support skills development, employability, and improved access to services. Sandy commenced her career over 25 years ago working in the Human Resources and professional training fields, in a variety of roles including sales, business consultant and general manager. The move to Cisco enabled Sandy to apply her business experience to develop sustainable programs that create corporate shared-value (CSV) across the region.

Sandy shared her experience at the AKIN ASIA Women IN Development Vol. 2 event which focussed on The Future of Development. Discussion was based around how the development world is shifting and where it is headed, the role of social business and social enterprise models and how they are connected to the development sector, and the changing nature of funding, CSR and corporate grants.

For more information visit Sandy’s LinkedIn.