How often do you question yourself, what you are doing or the decisions you make? If you’re anything like me, these questions often come from a little voice inside my head — my inner critic — that judges what I do.

My inner critic likes to compare — it likes to hold me up next to someone whom I admire and point out every way in which they are successful and every way I am not. This is not helpful. Thanks to my insecurities and my inner critic, I focus on these comparisons and negativities and fail to see the ways in which I am succeeding and I am creating impact.

I was thinking about all this recently when I stumbled upon a photo a friend posted on her social media. The caption was ‘trust your journey’ and it was exactly what I decided to do. Trust in the journey that life has me on and trust that everything will work out. Trust that all the hard work I have put into my projects will pay off and tell that little voice in my head to back off and let me be me.

Sometimes a little bit of trust goes a long way.

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