“Style - all who have it share one thing: originality.” — Diana Vreeland

A Fashion and Lifestyle App that connects Freelancers and Entrepreneurs to customers in their location.

Now consider the billion dollar Fashion and Lifestyle industry, the myriad of inaccessible talents to these industries and the stringent entry into these industries. Problem or attribute?.

AKOallows users to book appointments and personal sessions with Fashion and Lifestyle Freelancers and professinals in their geographical location, that offer services ranging from personal styling/wardrobe consulting to tailoring, personal shoppers, interior decorating, photographers, and Artisans.

Users simply download a free app, browse from the list of professionals within a number of categories, choose a vendor based on their preferences, book a date in the calendar, and pay a refundable deposit. They can chat and negotitae price and consulting with their AKO’ Vendor as well as make plans on their requested service.

Target Market? From the typical urban professional with a tight schedule, to the 25 going on her first blind date, to the average individual that feels the need to re-vamp their closet or get a complete makeover on a budget. AKO’ posses to foster that accessibility to everyone.

Secret: A lot of stylish people get this luxury service in their everyday lives, especially at very high prices, at AKO’ we are trying to make these services an everyday service available to, and enjoyable by everyone!

Another pivotal aspect of our mission statement is to expose raw talent. Raw talents that otherwise would not have had a medium to showcase their skills and make money off their craft.

How are we going to do this? Join us and find out!

Check us out at www.akoapp.com to learn more and follow us for updates.

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