How to Be Anybody

The longer I stay in this city the more I realise just how easy it is to feel like you are nobody. Everybody struts, rushes and strolls past me on a conveyor belt of dusty streets, battering me as they pass and rarely taking the second to dip their head in even distant acknowledgement.

This point of interest, or feeling of being lost is something I find myself contemplating every day and so I shall focus this next lesson upon it.

Feeling lost however is a good deal better an activity than idle drifting I believe. By this I mean it is valuable to care that you feel like a nobody, for by doing just this you elevate yourself from the apathetic abyss of the nobody’s. Nobody’s stop trying just as soon as they stop caring.

Another important distinction to be made is why we should all stop trying to be somebody. By default if you are trying to be somebody else you have already lost yourself. Role models are important yes, but only to show you what is possible and to inspire hope, not to invoke formulaic dogma and obsession. Somebody’s often wish they weren't. It makes them less of their own.

No. What I advocate is being Anybody. There are no expectations, no limitations. You dont feel swamped by the overwhelming mass of everybody, you don’t feel the critical stare of somebody and you don’t feel the isolated chill of nobody.

It is the vessel of freedom and I hope one day to embody it.

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