Free Poetry Sessions:

I use writing as a method of self expression, My words come from the heart, I don’t try to seek attention, These lyrics are what I feel, not what I want others to see, it’s a form of art mixed with emotions coming from my heart.I can’t find any other way to explain the reality of life without having to really realize what I consider is life. Everything we do is man made, typing on this iPhone to explain that I had to pay for you to see theses words I made. From the buildings we live in, to the food we eat with, from the basic needs of a human being to the higher thinking of religion & finding meaning. All of the things we do in society was set in stone by mere mortals who possessed a higher knowledge than the primates they evolved from.
If you really look at the bigger picture in life, were we really created to eat, sleep, & reproduce? We have infinite knowledge & potential that we just misuse. Science is consider a myth, people only using their brains when they see fit. Ignoring the good, while highlighting the bad. We preach about positivity, but bring people down everyday, there is no sanity. I just feel like we’re more than just mere animals, if that was true then what’s the point of religion & politics, I don’t see animals fighting over civil differences. Instead of advancing our species, we rather dig our heads deep into each other’s feces. We created a society that is closed off from the idea of unity. We put races, colors, beliefs into mixed bowl while separating what makes us humans to ensure prejudice & confusion among those who are brothers & sisters. There is no white, black, or brown, different levels of melanin doesn’t make us different, we are different because of our character, not pigment. How we carry ourselves & treat ours shows us way more than skin color ever could. It’s sad to say that the folks who stand up for humanity are the first to die, while those seeking to destroy its existence are held up high.
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