where I live is considered to be the center of the world, Filled with violence, money, and naked girls. The self-proclaimed best country of our planet, highest record for crime and guns are just being handed. Politics are two sides of the same coin, flipping the same shit just prove the same point. Land of the free, while filled with greed. Tell me how this country is free when you can’t even smoke some weed, how do we represent freedom when we have the most locked up in individuals in our prisoned kingdom. With a large percentage of them being a darker shade, why is it that the darker skin gets so much hate. Why is our healthcare setup to benefit companies instead of the communities. Why is it that I can’t go to school without paying for college, then expect me to get a job without any knowledge. Why is calling out our nation’s problems just a paranoid comment, when the country is run by those filling their pockets full of diamond lockets that they receive from sending rockets. We seem to have all the money to go to war, but can’t sacrifice a dollar to feed the poor. Killing is killing regardless of who’s dying, fear mongers tell you to bomb them while smiling & lying. Lies after lies, yet you still in denial. I could supply you with a library proof, only to end up arguing with a fool. This is no joke, look at the numbers we killed more people than they did times a hundred. Killing people who kill people to show the world, killing is bad. Sounds like a kid who reacts like he’s mad. Making immature decisions, not using our logic and falling to arrogant reasons, call those who oppose you, a person of treason. Direct your hate towards a scapegoat, sacrifice enough people to make your boat float above the dead bodies of those who lost hope. It’s all a fucking joke, at twisted sense of humor that’s fucking broke. Telling me to relax like some old ass folk, excuse my language I know it’s rude, but beneath these words lie roots of truth. These Words expose the evil I see, the devil ain’t in hell, he’s right here next to me. God isn’t in heaven, he’s here trying to change these lemons. They looking at us like what were we expecting to see, a mirror of our spitting image and it’s still confusing me. I gave up faith in humanity, when I realized the only human I see, was standing right in front of me.
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