My Very First Project on UX/UI (TRAVEL)

Starting of Project

Travel was the topic to focus on. To create an app to solve this problem was the end goal. But travel is something readlly huge to cover so I started chatting casually with some of my classmates to get some idea on how their travel experience was like.

Topic Mapping was used to figure out which direction would this project would be going or where the problems are. From the pictures below, you can see I split it in to 3 parts.

  1. Before the Trip
  2. During the Trip
  3. After the trip

After chatting for a few rounds of chatting I start with the asking the correct questions and also recorded the conversation so I could go back home and listen to it again. Not all user will gave the same type of answers there are some surprises answers that I never though of myself. I wish I was given more time for questioning part as this stage is quite important.

With so much questions and answers one can get confused, best to write them down to better organise them.

Affinity map was the way to go to find out what the problem was. starting it was quite hard to do, as all of it seem new to it. But slowly there seem to be a patten to it.

Writing down all the answers on stickys

After a few rounds of arrange the sticky notes I found out which was the common problems. Some of them I also face it so I guess it had to be a common problem.

Here are some of the problems they face.

  • I wish to confirm with my friends on the locations before going to the place.
  • Everyone wants to go their own way
  • We go in a group but some compromise is need.
  • My Friends send us the locations but we only took a quick look. Never really look in to it.
  • I would like more information about the place before going there, did not know the bus ride was so long.

Problem statements

  • I want my friends to know the details of the places that we will be going and acknowledge them before the trip.

Solution statement

  • To build an APP that allows my friends to read up the details of the place and acknowledge if they are going to the places that are chosen.

After getting to this point I found out. Only groups of friends travelling together might have this problems. People that go on solo adventures will face other type of problems but most likely will not be this.

So now we have the problem and the solutions, what is the next step?

User Flow

I image myself as the user facing this problem what would I do to fix it. Started of quite easy since it acknowledgement, just have a YES and NO. But more problems came up the more I do. You could easily get lost here trying to fix more and more problems or adding more and more features to the App.

Some of the problems I thought of during. What if the user put Yes I am going to the place with you guys. But… I image what could it be like and added a comment part so inform other users which you will get to see later in the app.

User Flow - YES for Green / NO for Red

Picture of the User Flow after editing a few times

I also did up a system flow unknowingly which I tried to use when I started designing the app. Thou it seem really messy and with a lot of information, i felt more new things could be adding inside but first let us just focus of the problem at hand.

System Flow

Next step will be to draw out the the user flow and make in to Wire frames. After drawing a few of them I tested out with another friend. The Fun beings from here.

The first pages
What Should the app look like,

I sit down with him, give him the back story.
 “You are going oversea with a few friends to Hong Kong please use this app to confirm the places that you all will be going”

I also told him “During the process I will sit quietly and observe you. I will tell you what will happing if you click here or there. But I will not tell you where to press or what to do”.

It was the most interesting experience.

We manage to found out some problems. Like adding the Comments part, Changing the buttons names Etc,

A short story Before about the Problem.


So I would like to introduce you to this App, which will allow your friends to read up on the places and also tell you if they are going or who is going where.

My first Prototype

Presentation Day!

I guess the presentation when better then I imagine, was really nervous the first time. Wish There was more time for preparations. Even the Q&A there are some answers that caught me off guard. But good thing I try to imagine some of the improvements that I myself would make to this App beforehand. So I could counter them off.

I learn that when standing up there and all eyes are on you, there will be times when you forgot stuff and also might not hear the questions correctly and give an answer that might not represent your app correctly

I guess practices make perfect.

I Thank You for your time for reading this if you made it all the way down here. Cheers!!!