Do you check for movie timings when standing in front of the theater? 
Do you do it on your mobile device or when you’re on the computer.

Gone are the days where you have to pick up the newspaper to check for movie timings.

If you never search through movie timings from the newspaper before then I am guessing you’re the generation that uses online means to search for the movie timings.

So that brings us to day. How does one find movie timings?

The Shaw app.

Time flies fast and here we are doing project 3, for this project we thought long and hard on which app should we choose to redesign. At the end of the day, we pick Shaw theater app.

So lets Start, SHAW Movie Theater app is a Hybrid app that follows closely to the main website of SHAW theater. It is a same as the mobile version of SHAW.


User Research

To know any problem with the app, one will need to go and check it out with real users. So that is what we did, When down to LIDO SHAW and interview a few users and got them to try out the current SHAW app.

Surprise… out of 5 users, none of them downloaded the app on the phone. Why is this so? What is going on?
Why did they not?

Questions and more Questions.

A few things we found out was.
1) People Don’t really want to download a lot of apps. 
2) When they are using the app it most of the time they are outside, on the move or need to check the timing and sits of the movie quick.
4) Everyone had no problem using the SHAW app to search and book for a movie. Which we testing on them.

Competitors analysis

From the Competitors Analysis, you could see that SHAW is not the most nice looking app. BUT it gets the job done.

So how to do keep that good functions and also improve the looks, Feel & user experience of the app?

Wire Frame

1) User Flow of the whole App | 2) Choosing the Flow ; Where will users click first | 3) Main landing page.
  1. USER FLOW: We started out by doing user flows on the white board.
    Then we follow up by doing the user flow for the app that we are redesigning.
  2. Choosing the Flow: It really took us a while to find out what flow should we use because there are many ways that a single user can enter and use the app. He might choose movie first or he might choose the location first. What about some users that choose date first? For example advance booking?
  3. Main Landing Page: At the end of the day, we decided to go with the Main movie poster page cause who does not like to see big and colorfully poster first. We also when with a minimum design approach. So we have all of them on the main page but we prioritize the movie first.


During the weekend we When and Starting Building our wire frames into Axure to make a Low-FI working prototype and also a High-Fi Design.

We when through a few changes before we try out with the users

User Testing & Improving

V1 shows the before and V2 shows after improving.

When testing with users with V1 Most of the users did not understand A, B & C they have no idea what it does. But here are some of the good Guess

V1 User Testing

A: Will bring you to the Date page where you can book movie in Advance. Time and Date priority

What users guess when Press
1) No idea…
2) Show the time of the current movies according to the poster that you have selected or shown on the screen

B: Will Show you the views of the Movies poster. Starting with Main View, Box View or List view which comes with details of the movie .

What users guess when Press
1) Some got it correct
2) Show you the Details of the Movie.
3) Must be the main menu button cause it’s at the center of the screen and it’s taking up the most important space.(Show Habit of use from Any Phones which have the Home button. )

C: Pressing C will Bring you to a page where you can Choose the Location of the Theater.

What users guess when Press
1) Some got it correct also.
2) its a Pin & have no Idea.
3) will show the closest theater that the show is playing.
4) Will open maps and show me the closest Theater around me.

At the end of the day Without proper labeling or putting the unfamiliar logo will cause the user to be confused so we make all the changes in V2

End Results and Final Prototype.

The end result after adding the corrections looks something like that

Next Steps.

- Adding Food options
- Adding Saving Current & up coming Movies to Favorite
- Adding to Select all on Movie screening type ( I-Max )(3D)

Try out the App here:

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