Well Design things

Door Handles, You know how sometimes you can be in a rush and might need to open a door and u try pulling the door but the door will not open. O, this Door is push to open.

That happen to me sometimes too. To think that after so many years of having doors this problem still happen quite frequent.

Could it be the handler of the door that was being design or the push / pull sign that was pasted on the doors?

There are 2 parts to this. The handlers and the sticks. Door that need to be push should not have a handle so as not to confuse the user that will be pushing on to the door.

Next up will be the push and pull. If only they would change it to a picture sticker it will be so much better.

A push sign should look like this.
A pull sign should look like this.

With pictures replacing the words push and pull. It becomes a universal language. Even people that do not know how to read English would understand.

One of the few reason some times I do hate the push pull sign, because to someone who have mid dyslexia PULL and PUSH look like the same. The only different is the “S” in the push and the “LL” from the word PULL only make it feels like the letter “H” in PUSH.

To make matter worst on some door they use really hard to read Fonts.

PULL,PUSH, PUH,PUSLL push pull pusll puh..What is going on?

Maybe you had a tired day and your brain so happen to stop working. That might happening too.

Hospital doors are well design for pushing on one side and pulling on the other, with the fast-paced work environment one should not make the mistake of which way the door works. Therefor its a good design indeed.

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