ALISS Sprint 2 update

30 September — 14 October

Technical feature releases and work

· Closed the option to select more than one category.

· Added confirmation to actions to allow the user to understand that the action has been successful.

· Set up feature that allows a front end user to search for all the organisations on ALISS and then suggest an organisation to admin team for entry. It’s managed through “unpublished organisation” on admin dashboard.

· Pushed live the feature to filter postcode results by Food, Mental Health, Housing and Homelessness and Money Advice.

· Simplified the workflow around adding and editing organisations and services.

· Developed a visual representation of how ALISS search works as part of ALISS data standards work.

· Reviewed the technical and non-technical considerations around using the OSCR database to add every registered charity in Scotland into ALISS.

· Changed the content on old product. Which then opened up further work to update back-end services.

· Provided admin with back-end access to change/add categories.

· Dealt with a number of bugs.

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