for a devil that I met and unfortunately, loved.

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i did not regret losing you
funny how you told me you love me
then waited for it to end secretly, recklessly
funny how you said you’d never leave
oh look at how I was deceived

only now did i realized
you shouldn’t be the guy I’d let my tear fall for every night
instead, you should be forgotten
my heart how it was played and burned, it was undeniably more than just broken

you were the one who fulfilled my dreams
you were the right to all my schemes
and now I only regret
the things I haven’t said, all the pain that I felt

funny how you told me you needed to go
had some unfinished business no one ever need to know
funny how you told me that you loved me yesterday
then told everyone that you gave it all up just because you didn’t want to stay

only then did I realize
I’ve fallen for the trap set by a devil just in a decent disguise
I hope you saw how hard it was for me
but by letting you go I knew, I was the one who was finally setting myself free

I gained more when I left you
that is now the truth unfolding
you were nothing but just a player
who sucked at playing
oh little devil go back to hell
and stop messing with other girls, stop ringing their bell
if by then you’d find a love that’s true,
dear devil I’d be happy but please, let me warn the little girls too


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